Nowadays, we have more photographers since the smartphone came out and any other devices. However, it takes more to be a good photographer.

There are a lot of factors before becoming a successful photographer. We also need to get the right equipment, training, and education.

Today, it is all about learning how successful photographers think before pressing the shutter.

1. Be fearless

Be fearless!

Sometimes, we are new to photography and be afraid of using your digital camera. For instance, when I bought my new digital camera I was so intimidated by the camera, although, I was doing photography for many years and was so different than the old one I thought.

After one week of waiting and reading the instruction manual and I went out and overcome my fear.

2. Keep an open mind

As a photographer, we need to develop an open mind by looking around us and take advice and learn from professional photographers and others in our environment.

3. Develop confidence

The more you shoot the better you become and gain confidence in your abilities. Keep shooting!

4. be positive and have the right attitude

The more positive you are, your shots will be better, otherwise, it can be a disaster especially if you are angry about a situation. Also, shoot people with your smile makes them more relax and happy. This is the right attitude to have.

5. Be different and original

Be different and original!

Be original and find your own style, don’t be afraid to do things differently, enjoy constructive feedback so that you get better. Take advantage of your uniqueness.

6. Prepare and focus on excellence

Either you shoot birds, people at a wedding, or any other events, you need to prepare yourself. First of all, have the right equipment and lenses for the circumstances so that you don’t have any surprises along the way. I look for excellence in everything I do but not perfection.

7. Set goal for the day

What do you want to photograph? Birds, street, wedding, portraits etc. Choose a new challenge so that you can improve your skills as a photographer.

8. Know and understand your subject

Know your subject!

Don’t rush to capture unnecessary photos and make sure to take the time to know your subject and their surroundings.

Enjoy your photography day!

Please, I would love to hear from you and ask questions.


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