Beauty Of Fireworks!

Category: Photography

I am in Montreal, Qc. Canada and every year in July we have an event called: ” International des Feux Loto-Qu├ębec ” This is a contest with a few countries […]

Why Get Natural Products?

Category: Healthy Home

Nowadays, we know more about the impact we have on nature and humans. I think that it is time to look at our backyard first and globally we can achieve […]

Vegetarian Chili!

Category: Healthy Nutrition

Vegetarian Chili | Ricardo Vegetarian Chili This is a delicious Chili from Ricardo and I tried a few of them they are succulent I hope you are going to like […]

Reduce Our Sugar Intake!

Category: Healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, we realize that we are adding too much sugar everywhere; anything we buy specially prepared meals, cans, sodas, etc. You named them. We need to be mindful of what […]

Work-Life Balance Tips!

Category: Healthy lifestyle

Who doesn’t have to keep a work-life balance? Everyone more than ever needs to find time for themselves, family, and work. Here are some tips: 1. Understand what balance means. […]