Nowadays, we have all the social media that can make our life easier but it can get distracting at the same time in our daily routine.

I have a few ways to help us to keep track of the time.

1. Develop an AM routine.
This creates more focus and energy for the day ahead.

2. Take a walk.

Keeping yourself cooped up indoors is not only unproductive in the long term; it will also take its toll on your health.
3. Disconnect.

When you spend weeks of working non-stop, you’ll soon find yourself burned out. 

4. Talk to at least one person a day.

A healthy and focused mind requires social activity outside of the Internet, and there are studies that prove so.
5. Chew on healthy snacks.

Junk food doesn’t just offer empty calories, they also negatively affect your heart, brain and blood pressure, and lessen productivity.
6. Sleep well.

A study by Harvard Medical School shows that inadequate sleep adversely impacts learning, judgment, and memory.

We all need to create our unique routine and adapt it accordingly so that we will achieve more. In addition, you can adapt it to all spheres of life, work, and business.

Please, I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week,

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