Do I Say Yes Or No? There is one thing that I don’t like in network marketing is, people, are saying ” no ” all the time. Sometimes I want to squeeze their neck! Don’t you understand what I am saying?

Of course, if you would have only people saying ” yes ” it would be nice but boring because they would not make you grow. It is not easy to always have people saying ” no ” to your opportunity. You can have thousands of no for one yes, it is a numbers’ game.

It might build up some frustration some time because you want to go faster. This is me, but I have to remind myself that the yes will come. To me, it is hard to have faith and I know this is the key to success. Believing without seeing yet. Then I visualize the end that I want to see.

What I have discovered along the way in my business in network marketing is when people say no they are actually giving you a favour by helping you to grow and make necessary changes to get better on how to speak, which is the key in business and believe in yourself.

The more no that you receive the better you get when the yes will come. Because you had improved yourself as opposed as if somebody always says yes, you will think that you don’t need to ameliorate and your ego gets bigger and bigger but not in a good way.

The bottom line is, get lots of ” no “  and you will become so good that you will not believe it yourself how you grew, but it is only afterwards.

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Have a nice weekend,


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