This is a common subject that people are talking about and as well doctors which is very important. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing on the walls of your arteries which the heart is responsible to pump that blood in your body.

The health care workers and doctors are using a gauge, stethoscope, electronic sensor and a blood pressure cuff. Nowadays you can take your BP at home and you can store and forward your results to your smartphone to your doctors so he or she knows your results.

The numbers mean:  Ex: 120/80

Systolic pressure: the heart is pumping the blood through your arteries.  120

Diastolic pressure: it is when the heart is at rest between beats.  80

I have been followed by a doctor every year for my annuals plus the blood pressure for a long time. She checks my blood pressure each time I visit because she thinks ( doctor ) that I should take medication to lower my blood pressure.

I took what they called a Holter machine which is a machine that put on your arm for 24 to 48 hrs. to check your blood pressure all day long but it always came back negative not significant to start me on a medication.

The doctor asked me for about 4 or 5 years to start a medication for the blood pressure I said no because the blood pressure was 140 or 150 sometimes at the office.
However, it is not necessarily accurate on the office setting, at least for me.

Do You Have White Coat Syndrome?

I do! It is a phenomenon in which patients have a blood pressure level above the normal range, in a doctor office setting, it is due to stress and anxiety to see the doctor. In a nutshell, when I see the doctor my blood pressure automatically goes up no matter what.

The blood pressure varies all day long depending on what you are doing or if you are at rest It is normal. Many years ago, I saw a nephrologist ( specialist for kidneys ) who was telling me that you start to treat hypertension when the numbers reach a plateau then you treat otherwise you monitor it.

For instance, if your BP is 160/80 and does not go down either at rest or in movement then we need to act accordingly. What they call normal can be arbitrary depending on your condition.

Because If you bend to pick up the newspaper your BP spikes and normalizes when you stand up. 

All the time, it is changing which is normal. But if you have a medical condition, it might change temporarily.

Very often they also called idiopathic hypertension which means without any physiologic cause.
 What I discovered for myself is that your inner dialogue plays a major role in causing hypertension to my opinion.

Since I do meditation and calm down myself my blood pressure came down by itself such as 120/ 80 and 110/70 it varies without taking any medicine. 

I noticed during my nursing practice that people with high blood pressure get mad easily with a little situation in their life, it is something to be aware of.

It often starts between the 4 inches between your ears most of the time.

What I do for myself

– I do meditation,
– Change my way of thinking
– Change my attitude throughout life
– Enjoy walking in nature
– Eat healthy foods and It makes a big difference.

To conclude, the only thing that I was going to start taking was our Blood Pressure supplement from Shaklee which is made from plants but I did not take it because my BP was normal but I will recommend people to try natural alternatives before turning to medicine.

Before taking any supplements always talk to your doctor especially if you have a specific condition and are under other medications.

I would love to hear from you or ask questions!

To your health!

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