The black and white photography can be interesting to do. It is good to make a change and do amazing pictures. The image will be interesting if the photographer adds some creativity and imagination. The photographer makes the pictures, not the camera.

Respecting the ” Rule of thirds “

This means that you want to put the subject into one-third of your viewfinder either horizontally or vertically. Avoid putting the subject in the center. It will help to balance the image.

Framing the subject

What is your subject? What do you want to show in the picture? Keep in mind what you want to do. For instance, If you take a picture of a vase of flowers and make sure that the vase is sharp in the foreground and the rest will blur out.

Know your camera

It is crucial that you know how to use your camera before taking pictures and decide what you want and make some creative effects.

In conclusion, when I come back home I do the post-processing using a digital darkroom such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which is excellent to enhance your photos.

Have fun going out and take wonderful shots.

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