Here are some reasons why you would want to start up and operate your own business.

1. You’re the boss of you.

You’re working for you and not just working to make someone else wealthy.

2. You have control over your income.

All the benefits resulting from the hard work is yours.

3. You can select when you want to work.

One of the challenges of working for someone else is they choose your hours.

4. You determine who you work with.

You won’t have to work with someone that you’re not very fond of.

5. You choose where you work.

You don’t really need to commute just to get to an office. It can be in your house or at the beach if you needed to with your computer.

To conclude, working for yourself might be very attractive but you have to keep in mind that you need the DISCIPLINE to have your goals fulfilled because a boss can’t do it for you.

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