Sometimes, it can be hard to start on a specific training or something new, but we have to push ourselves and keep the discipline to do what you have to do and we will succeed.

Also, do something that you like to do because if it is an exercise that is imposed you won’t do it and persevere. Personally, I like to do something that fits me the best for my condition and my age. Don’t kill yourself to overdo it listen to your body. You are the one who knows your body best.

1 – Pay attention to your form. Stand up straight and keep the movement of both sides of your body symmetrical.

2 – Pick up the pace. Crank your speed up to four miles per hour for a moderate-paced power walk.

3 – Keeping your arms bent at 90 degrees, pump them forward and back. It’s effective for propelling your body forward and toning your upper body.

4 – Switch up your stride to burn more calories. Walk with shorter steps for 5 minutes, then switch to a longer stride for another 5.

5 – Pick up some weights. Grab a pair of dumbbells for your walk but don’t go heavier than 3 pounds to be safe.

6 – Add intervals. You can also do hill and repeats.

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